Maruja Puerta – 100 gr – Irritated and chapped skin cream

53.24 IVA incluido.

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This cream was developed in the 90’s from Maruja Puerta to alleviate skin irritated for a variety of reasons, as how consecutive exposure, chaps produced for dryness and dehydration of the skin and, generally, a lot of problems that appears on the dry skin and dead cells, obtaing good effects for psoriasis.The first tests were made at people that comes from central and southern Europe, and allowing for the good effects abtained, it was decided to patent the cream and market this globally. In her composition prevails natural products as extra virgin olive oil, between others, known as basic ingredients for the hydration and good carefully with the skin and bring about her many nutritional, regenarative and antioxidant characteristics. The cream Maruja Puerta must be applied on the dry skin with sweet massages until she soaks in the skin, skiping aut in the next hours of her application, the shower or exposure. Is very important to inderline that during the treatment is better to use gels and bodily oils with extra virgin oil for personal our care.

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